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Without transference limit

  1. All the contracted plans of lodging, in anyone of their modalities, until the 31 of May of 2019 including, come without a monthly maximum limit of consumption of data transfer.
  2. The user will be able to know at any moment what is the volume of data transferred from its space Web at any time in its Control Panel.
  3. PegasoWeb reserves the right to cancel this promotion at any time if the circumstances of the market advise in regard to maintaining it the suitable level of quality of the services. In case of being thus, PegasoWeb will communicate to the client the new limit of monthly transference that is applied to its contracted products.
  4. The purpose of this promotion is to allow our clients who can lodge websites of low or average traffic without worrying about the limits of monthly transference. The websites with high levels of traffic usually go prepared to high consumptions of shared resources such as CPU and RAM, reason why are not appropriate to be lodged in regime of hosting shared.

Guarantee of return of 30 days

  1. All our plans of lodging have including guarantee PegasoWeb of 30 days. During this period, if you are not satisfied with the service or this one is not adapted to your needs, we give back your money to you. You only must ask for it by e-mail to our commercial department.
  2. The guarantee of 30 days does not include the price of the domains that are registered or transferred along with the lodging. These operations cannot be undone once completed, reason why we cannot include his amount in the restoration. In case you cancel hosting that included gratuitous domains, the amount corresponding to the discharge of these domains at the time of the discharge will be reduced of the amount to refund. The domains would be registered to your name, reason why you could associate them to another plan of PegasoWeb or lodge them or transfer them to another supplier.
  3. For us most important it is to serve to you of quality and that is to you useful and easy to use. We will be always to your disposition to help you. If you have any consultation or problem, you do not doubt in contacting with us.

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