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Factory of plate and painting in Palma de Mallorca. Maintenance and repair shop of automobiles from 1982. Fast mechanics, wrecks, blows.

Very satisfied with served. Good quality and price. The support equipment is resuleto the questions fast and effectively.

Website of a repair shop of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery, located in the West of Asturias.

VERY I am satisfied with the service that d¡is, the page works perfectly, and the support equipment has helped me always quickly and effectiveness. Thanks!

Store of decoration generally, curtains, gifts, I sweep, accessories€¦

Venta Online de Basculas and Balanzas

You give a good service just to a price. Good Control Panel and many options!

Teletaxi Torrevieja is a new service of Taxi in Torrevieja that offers to its clients a totally gratuitous telephone to be able to realise the call of its taxi totally free.

The service that you are giving, one of the most important things for my in the quality of a lodging company enchants to me is the fast answer of support and you are this aspect you are of the best thing than I have tried and another fundamental point is the time of disposition of the Web online, in this aspect I am enchanted since of all the servers who I have contracted years in the last you are of the best thing than I have contracted.

We dedicated ourselves to do videotutoriales, reviews, unboxings, news articles€¦ and many more videos in YouTube all the Wednesdays and Saturdays. Our motto is computer science and much more and our page lodged in M.B.I is the official Web of the channel, from where we spoke of the news that we cannot count in YouTube and we wrote them in the section Blog, from where we hung photos of the escapes and excursions of the channel, drawings, and many things more than we want that you discover. For that reason we invited to you to visit our Web, to comprise of our forum (that is available thanks to the M.B.I servers.) and if you wish it to subscribe in our channel of YouTube. [email protected] to the family!

For us, the Cheap Impossible company But, has been our starting in the world Web, has been the one who has made us take off and it has helped us at the first moments. At the outset without support of a Web and during the first year with a Blogger, that every time was made us smaller, the necessity arose to really tell us on a Web, with an own domain€¦ But we are not a company far from it, therefore we did not count on great budget and little by little we saw as the illusion to create a Web vanished. It was then when in a last search by the Web with the hope to find some Hosting I ran into at the outset with M.B.I sounded to joke, but I began to see that they had a good Web, and the services had not found them before so cheap. After reading envelope they found good and bad things so I have left as she were, I decided to prove and to pillage hosting basic by one year, and have to tell you that for anything I regret the decision. I have been able to mount my Web I myself, I am able to manage it easily and all he works to me, is no function blocked in the servant. Even being hosting shared, the servers are very robust and (in which I take) never has been my Web without operation (with the exception of when I published bad .htaccess that helped me to correct it). The fact that they are servers nginx causes that they have a brutal yield. Whenever I have had technical problems have helped me fast and with good solutions, understanding whenever I am not an expert in the matter. For my it is being a great experience and independent of in what company of hosting it is at some future date, I will always thank for by the one that thanks to them my Web exists, thanks to them Tutorial Aitorrio to them it has taken off, it has his Web and its forum, because of to them not to have found that day, who knows if we would follow with a sad blog in Blogger. By all this and the short whiles that we have left to happen between codes PHP and HTML THANKS!


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