On the one hand Management of Technological Assets, limited liability company constituted in Madrid before notary D. Jos© Ventura Nieto Valencia (in future €œG.A.T. €),

of another part the client (in future €œCLIENT€),

the following terms decide the present contract on watch:

The hiring of served by G.A.T will be carried out by electronic mediums, through the webpages of CHEAP IMPOSSIBLE MAS, with the execution of the forms that G.A.T puts at the disposal of the users. The supply of these services on the part of G.A.T constitutes a commercial proposal.

G.A.T. the right is reserved to accept any request of services on the part of the CLIENT. It will be understood that an order has been accepted when the CLIENT receives a written confirmation of acceptance on the part of G.A.T. G.A.T is committed to explain to the CLIENT in writing the reasons of nonacceptance of an electronic or by email postal order.

By virtue of the R.D. 1906/1999, that at a distance regulates the hiring realised by telephone, electronic route or Telematics, and of article 23 of Law 34/2002 of services of the society of the information and of electronic commerce, this contract is valid and it is understood signed by the CLIENT when contracting the services of registry of domain name names.

In this document all the CLAUSES of the contract are included that will be from application to the contract which the CLIENT and G.A.T subscribe. Once realised the contract, and to request of the CLIENT, G.A.T it will send to the by email postal CLIENT the plaintext of the general conditions in paper support.

The acceptance of the present CLAUSES and the execution of the form of discharge of domain contained in the www.pegasoweb.com webpage, will imply the formalization of the contract between the CLIENT and G.A.T., whom vigor from such acceptance will have.



The present contract intends the benefit of the service of registry of domain name names.


2.1. G.A.T is committed to register all the domains through official recording companies approved by the ICANN.

2.2. Additionally to the registry of the domain, G.A.T will offer all the services specified in http://www.pegasoweb.com/dominios.html

2.3. When realising the registry of a domain, G.A.T commits to the terms and conditions of the established contract between the recording company of the domain and G.A.T., gathered in:

2.4. G.A.T will act as contact of invoicing with the recording company. G.A.T will inform to the CLIENT if it wishes to continue with the benefit of the service before renewing the registry of the domain with the recording company. If yes, G.A.T will not renew the registry until the installment has not become effective of the amounts established by the effective tariffs then. The CLIENT is free to constitute himself in touch of invoicing at any time, but G.A.T will only serve their while the period lasts by which G.A.T phelp the registry of the domain.

2.5. G.A.T is committed to pay in time and forms the amount corresponding to the registry and the renovation of the registry of the domain.

2.6. G.A.T will at least twice notify to the client the expiration of the domain before and once after this one takes place. This notification will be sent by email electronic to the e-mail of the person of contact of the client to who the service invoices.


3.1. The CLIENT commits himself to assure that G.A.T can completely fulfill the requirements of the contract that him league with the recording company, according to specific in point 2.3. The CLIENT recognizes that she has read, understands and accepts the terms and conditions that bind to G.A.T and the CLIENT with the recording company of the domain, and that can be found in the connections that appear in inscription 2.3.

In particular:

a. The prices of the registry of the domain are not reimbursable. G.A.T does not take responsibility of the errors or omissions of the CLIENT in the data provided for the registry of the domain.

b. In case of dispute by the domain name, the CLIENT is bound to the policy of resolution of disputes of the recording company, in agreement with the settled down legal terms in the agreements that appear in inscription 2.3. In case of dispute by the domain name, the CLIENT exonerates to the recording company and G.A.T of any responsibility.

c. The person or organization who appears as registrante of the domain will be the holder of the account of the domain. So that a change of registrante takes place, the registrante must pay the tariff of crossing of account established by the recording company and effective at the time of the crossing (at the moment 0 (zero) USD) and the recording company it must receive in writing the agreement of the new registrante with the terms and conditions established by the recording company for the registry of the domain. G.A.T is committed to make arrive these documents at the recording company.

d. The CLIENT must try the following information, and must maintain always updated it:

G.A.T. it is committed to maintain the information of the technical contacts (Technical Service of G.A.T.) and of invoicing (Commercial Department of G.A.T.) always updated.

The CLIENT gives the express consent to G.A.T to provide these data to the recording company.

The CLIENT recognizes that all the proportionate data will happen to comprise of the data base of the ICANN, and to third parts (registry WHOIS and companies) in agreement with the limits established by the ICANN.

At the moment, the access to registry WHOIS is public, reason why the CLIENT recognizes that the information by provided him is accessible by any person.

The CLIENT has read, understands and is in agreement with the policy of privacy of the recording company:
and the one of G.A.T.:


4.1. The tariffs of the services of registry of domains offered by G.A.T through the webpages of CHEAP IMPOSSIBLE MAS are the specified ones in the http://www.pegasoweb.com/tarifa.php webpage

To these prices the IVA of applicable 21% in the territory of application of the Tax must be added them.

4.2. The CLIENT will have to pay the amount stipulated in advance by means of some of the following forms of payment indicated in the hiring form that is in https://www.pegasoweb.com/altadominio.php

The payments will be always realised in Euros.

4.3. Any change or modification of the head office, financial data, data of the account, etc., will have to be notified in writing to by email postal G.A.T to the following direction:

Management of Technological Assets, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
Carolina Coronado 28 2B
Madrid - 28017

for its rectification in our data base, accompanying itself by the signature and the copy of the NIF or identification of the contact person that appears in our registries and that is understood as signer of this contract.

Any anomaly derived from not to be correct the data of the CLIENT, will not be G.A.T responsibility.


5.1. The CLIENT exonerates to G.A.T of any responsibility related to the name of domain registered by G.A.T in the name of the CLIENT.

5.2. The CLIENT is the only person in charge against any claim or legal, judicial or extrajudicial action, initiated by third people as much against the CLIENT as against G.A.T., assuming the CLIENT whichever expenses, costs and indemnifications is irrogadas to G.A.T on the occasion of such legal claims or actions.


6.1. The CLIENT authorizes to G.A.T for the use and computer science treatment of the personal data that she facilitates. On the other hand G.A.T is committed, in the use of those data, to respect their confidentiality acceding to them only and exclusively in the terms contemplated in the Policy of Privacy of G.A.T.

6.2. G.A.T specifically notifies the CLIENT who the servant where they will lodge his data is in the United States of America, and the CLIENT gives his express consent so that their data can lodge in a servant located in the EE.UU and outside the territory of the European Union.

6.3. G.A.T will maintain an up-to-date copy of the terms of their Policy of Privacy in the http://www.pegasoweb.com/privacidad webpage

6.4. The CLIENT will be able to exercise his rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation of his personal data, in accordance with the settled down thing in the effective norm on protection of personal data, going by email postal a:

Management of Technological Assets, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
Carolina Coronado 28 2B
Madrid - 28017


7.1. The relations between the parts are those of a client and a supplier of services.

7.2. The CLIENT will not have any right to force to G.A.T before third parties without the express consent of G.A.T.

7.3. Except for if the procedural legislation it demanded the opposite, the parts decide to communicate electronic or postal mail by email, using the up-to-date directions more in their power. The parts will be forced to conserve test of to have realised the notifications to the opposite part.


The rights and obligations of the CLIENT could not in writing be subrogated with third parties without the G.A.T consent., that is committed to reason the causes in case of nonacceptance.


G.A.T. it will be able at any moment to make modifications in the terms of this contract if it communicates it to the CLIENT at least 30 days ahead. It will be understood that the CLIENT accepts the modifications if past east period continues using the services of G.A.T.

The changes proposed by the CLIENT will have to count on the approval it express in writing of G.A.T to have validity.


The present contract could be extinguished by the unilateral denunciation of anyone of the parts, with an advance warning written and convincing of 30 days.

The exercise of this faculty will not right give rise nor to any of the parts to demand compensation for damages, exception done to the inferred ones fraudulent or guiltily and of the derivatives in favor of G.A.T., if as a result of the anticipated extinction, they were pending previously of installment pending amounts corresponding to served.

Despite the previous thing, and in accordance with the general norms of hiring, the breach by anyone of the parts of the contracted obligations legal or contractually, it will authorize to the other part to consider it resolute of automatic form and ipso jure without needing advance warning, being enough with the convincing notification of this resolution to the incumplidora part, indicating the will and the cause of extinction.


If any part of this contract were opposite to right and, therefore, disabled person, it will not affect to the other dispositions in agreement to right. The parts are committed to renegotiate those parts of the contract that were null and to incorporate them to the rest of the contract.


The present contract will be in force in all the aspects by the Laws of Spain and all conflict that arises by virtue of this contract or in relation to the same, will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Madrid, which both parts are put under with resignation their own charter, if they had it, unless G.A.T., has right, according to their exclusive will, to urge procedure in the courts of any other country in which the CLIENT resides or in that are located any of the assets of the CLIENT and/or companies of their group.

Management of Technological Assets LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.