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Datacenters PegasoWeb

Our datacenter counts on facilities of endorsement with superfluous minimum configuration in cooling systems and feeding.

Radial and duplicated electrical distribution.

Access to multiple suppliers of telecommunications located in the building.

Proximity to the main fiber major between Madrid and Barcelona.

Guaranteed stability of the conditions of surroundings of the rooms.

Control and security system of the uninterrupted building.

From the point of view of the sustainability, everything is advantages in center of data PegasoWeb: power saving, reduction of the carbon track, more efficiency, better advantage of the air conditioning systems and electricity.

  • Own transforming substation of discharge to loss. N+1 generator sets.
  • Electrical current guaranteed SLA 99.998%
  • Free heat cooling and recuperators with the minimum power consumption.
  • Biometric access to the datacenter and card RFID of proximity.
  • Ionic sensors of smoke and heat variation in each container and room of containers.
  • System of fire extinguishing not restricted by the protocol of Kyoto.

Modular datacenter

One is a novel system based on the use of containers for the positioning of the computer science equipment and where all the services of connectivity are included, resulted power supply and air conditioning.

The datacenter PegasoWeb is an exponent of the new generation of datacenters escalables and highly efficient.

Image of container of modular datacenter