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Help in line of PegasoWeb

This is the data base of PegasoWeb help in line

And she is filled with answers to the most common questions so that you can solve your doubts to any hour and at any time. We have 30 questions organized in 10 categories. It uses the finder to find answer to the questions that arise to you when you begin to use our services.

If you do not find answer to your question, send a stuffed email to us to support or the form to add it to the data base.

If you finish arriving we recommended to you that you read articles of the category First steps.

How to contact with PegasoWeb

We are always to your disposition for everything in which we can be to you of help. You can put to you with us through any of the following means in touch:

  • By telephone in 91 101 9321 of Monday to Thursday of 11 to 14 hours. We recommend this means for consultations regarding invoicing or general information on our services. For technical consultations it is not the suitable means since generally the resolution of technical problems has been more time of the one than he is desirable to be to the telephone. Despite if you have some technical problem, urgent or no, we will take care of enchanted your telephone call. It remembers that for almost all the managements we will need that us DES a PIN support who you can generate in
  • Support in line. You can accede to this means of support based on chat from the main page of our website. Normally always there is somebody available one of Monday through Friday between 10 and 22 hours. In that case you will see that the help icon in line is qualified.
  • By e-mail. This it is the method of preferred support, since it allows us to solve the greater number of incidences in the smaller possible time. Write to us to [email protected] from your e-mail of contact. Our commitment is to respond to all the e-mails in a term inferior to 24 hours, but by all means the average response time is far below.
    When you write an e-mail to support, you will receive an car-answer of our system of tickets. If you do not receive it, it is because we have not received your message either.

We took ourselves very in serious the privacy of your information, for that reason never we will give information nor realise no management if we cannot verify the legitimacy of your request. For consultations by telephone route or chat, we will need that you provide a support PIN to us that you can obtain in For consultations by e-mail, you will need to write to us from your e-mail of contact, or to include a support PIN.

For us most important it is than you are satisfied with the services that we offer to you. For that reason, if you have any problem, by small that is, any question or suggestion, we requested to you that you put yourself in touch with us. For us there is nothing no better than to be able to help you to that benefits to the maximum with our service, for that reason we offer it to you and we make your available.

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