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To raise to files your space Web

The fastest method to raise to files your space Web is by means of FTP. For it, if you do not have it already, you will need to install in your computer a client FTP. We recommended to you that you install FileZilla, that is a gratuitous client FTP multi-language that you can lower of

Independent of program FTP that you use, to connect you to the servant you must use the following configuration:

Servant FTP:
Puerto 21
User: your name of user
Password: your password

where is the name of your domain. Your name of user and your password we sent them to you by e-mail when we give your account of discharge.

When you connect yourself to the FTP, you will see a series of folders:


Unless you know very well what you are doing, you always must raise to the files of your webpage the folder public_html (this folder will not be seen in the URL of your navigator). To modify or to eliminate any file or folder that is outside public_html can cause that your account becomes unusable.

On the other hand, they ten in account that everything what warehouses within public_html, automatically can be unloaded via Web. You do not use your space Web to keep sensible data nor backup copies from private information. It remembers that your space Web must be exclusively used for your page or webpages, and not as storage media in line.

The www folder is equivalent to public_html.

The main file of your webpage would have to be called index.html or index.php. That will be the page that loading automatically whenever a user writes your domain in the bar of directions of his navigator.

Also you can raise to files your space Web using the file manager of your cPanel. Although he is a little slower, this method always is available, reason why you will be able to raise to files your space Web although you are in a computer where there is not a FTP program or where you cannot install it. In addition he is especially useful to raise compressed files, since the file manager of cPanel allows you to decompress direct files in the servant.

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