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To create and to form a mail account

In order to create an e-mail account, cPanel accedes to your Control Panel and beats in the icon €œAccounts of email€.

Next, stuffed the form that appears filled up the following fields:

  • Email (name of the mailbox)
  • Domain
  • Password
  • To confirm password
  • Quota of disc

Please it uses safe passwords. If not it beams, spammers will finish using your account of mail to send Spam, which could force to suspend your account to us to avoid the evils majors. This is very important. Also he is recommendable that you change the password regularly. From cPanel you cannot see the present passwords of the existing accounts, but modify them.

When specifying a quota of disc for your accounts of mail, simply you are indicating the maximum space that these accounts will be able to occupy. The space indicated in the quota is not reserved only for the mail accounts.

The quota of disc is optional. If you indicate limitless quota, the quota of disc of your account of lodging will be applied (10 GB in the Intro plan).

Now that your account is created, you have 2 ways to accede to her:

  • Through mail Web
  • Through a program of e-mail (p.ej., Outlook Express, Office Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc.) or smartphone.

In order to accede through mail Web, it uses anyone of the following URLs:


(preferably first, to be in safe way). It will ask to you that you introduce user and password. The user is the complete account of mail, including at sign and the domain, and the password is the one that you indicated when creating the account. Once inside, you will see the options of mail Web available. The one chooses that easier turns out to you to use. With the mail Web you can see the received mail and also send mail.

If you want to form the account of e-mail in your program of mail or your smartphone, it uses the following configuration:

  • Protocol: POP3 or IMAP. If you use protocol POP3, the messages will erase of the servant when you lower them to your program of mail. If you use protocol IMAP, the messages do not erase but they are stored in the servant consuming disc space, reason why you will have to occupy to you to erase them manually.
  • Servant of incoming mail (POP3 or IMAP):
  • Servant of salient mail (SMTP):
  • Name of user: the complete account of mail: [email protected]
  • Password: the one that you indicated when creating the account
  • My servant of salient mail requires authentication (using the same credentials that stops the servant of incoming mail).
  • Deactivated authentication SPA
  • The port for servant smtp is port 25 (port by defect). If your supplier of access to Internet has blocked port 25, you can use port 26 for servant smtp alternatively.

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