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Requirements to realise the transfer of a domain

In order to be able to transfer a domain, five requirements are necessary:

  • That the domain is not expired.
  • That the domain has been registered for more than 60 days.
  • That the domain is unblocked.
  • That the administrative contact of the domain authorizes the transfer, following the instructions that will receive in their email address.
  • It is necessary to provide an authorization code (code EPP or Auth Code) that you must solicit to the company with which you registered the domain.
  • If the data of the registrante change during the transfer, as much the old registrante as the new one must authorize the change of data.

If the domain is a point is or a point the USA, the only condition of the previous ones is that the administrative contact of the domain authorizes the transfer.

The transfer of the domain includes an additional year of registry. In the case of the domains point the USA the additional year is added to the date of the transfer, not to the present date of expiration.

The transfer of the domain asks for it PegasoWeb, and if all the requirements are fulfilled the transfer is completed in a maximum term of 5 days. You can also use web hosting with unlimited bandwidth by us.

You can ask for the transfer of your domain from our webpage filling up the form search of domains. You can do that if you are using our cheap vps server hosting or our other services. Examples of our other services rather than our cheap ssd vps is quite a lot. One of them is cheapest dedicated server host which you can use if you want your website to be hosted exclusively.

In case the domain is blocked, it will be necessary to unblock it first. For it the best thing is to go to the present supplier of the domain.

Also, if the direction of the administrative contact is not active, it will be necessary to modify it, in which also it can be of help the service of technical support of the present supplier of the domain.


I can use hosting of PegasoWeb maintaining my domain in another supplier?

Generally, it is not necessary to change of domain supplier to be able to use hosting of PegasoWeb: it is enough with which you change the servers of names of the domain so that this one note to our servers. This you can do it from the Control Panel of the domain to which it will have given to access your supplier you of domains, or soliciing to your supplier that makes this change by you. The servers of names of the domain that you must use you we will give them once we have discharged from the hospital your account of lodging with us.

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