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Advice for a correct positioning SEO

The positioning SEO (Optimization Search Engine) is the process that it has as an aim to improve the position in which it appears a Web in the pages of results of the finders. When we spoke of finders, we talked about mainly to Google, since it monopolizes more of 80% of the searches in Internet. In order to secure a good positioning it is necessary to consider some advice:

Contents of quality. This he is one of the most important aspects. With some good contents you will have more visitors and will return more frequently to your page. Also it is good that you update the contents regularly. This way, Google will consider that your Web is alive.

It shows your contents of a clear and simple form. Google only looks for the contents of your Web, without taking care of the design. It is more, perhaps some elements of design in the Web, such as frames, obstruct the recognition of the content.

Google very positively evaluates the connections of other Webs towards ours. Whatever more connections of this type we have, better positioned will be our Web, but you do not abuse certain practices, as the interchange of connections, since Google can detect it and get to penalize your positioning.

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