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Management of Technological Assets, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY.
Carolina Coronado 28
28017 Madrid

Important information respect
to the telephone attention

  • The schedule of telephone attention is of Monday to Thursday, of 11 to 14 hours.
  • The cost of the call falls on the person who realises the call and depends on your telephone supplier. Please it consults the tariffs of your telephone operator before putting to you with us by this means in touch.
  • All our services are only terminated of discharge and by via Telematics (through our webpage or e-mail). All the questions regarding the service you can raise them and solve them by means of e-mail. When you write an e-mail to us, you will have to receive an auto answer with a number of ticket in the subject of the message. If it is not thus, it is because your supplier of email is filtering our messages. Look for it in the Spam folder or write to us from a different direction.
  • When you call to us within the attention schedule, your call will enter a waiting line and will be taken care of as soon as there is an agent available. Please it remembers that the cost of the call, including the time of delay, falls on the person who realises the call.
  • By reasons for security and privacy, it is possible that in the course of the call we ask for a support PIN to you. From the following connection you can ask for this PIN, that will be sent you to your email of contact: to obtain support PIN. We recommended to you that you obtain it before realising the call.